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What do 23% of all websites have in common? WordPress
That’s right!  While this statistic speaks well of the WordPress ease and functionality, it also makes this platform the most targeted type of platform for hackers to attack.
WordPress is also easy for the non-technical business owner. The business owner, or his web designer rarely sets up security for his website, making the website an easy target.  Over 85% of website owners don’t know how vulnerable their website is, until they have been hacked. Sadly, it’s not even personal.  A hacker ‘invests’ in a software program that unleashes the malware, which visits millions of websites.  Websites that are vulnerable get attacked.READ MORE…

If you look at your website as a home, you quickly understand, that there is routine maintenance, (like plumbing and mowing the grass), there are upgrades, (like building a shed or upgrading lighting, and there is security, (an alarm system to protect your home).

Of course, how easy it is to fix and make changes, all renders on how the house was built in the first place. Apply the same ideology to your website, and you’ll know the value of good WordPress support.
And, if you utilize your website as a marketing tool, it can begin to pay for itself in many ways.: Information brochure, lead generation, payment collector, or even a platform our products or services.

WordPress Support Geeks Has a rich history in WordPress, along with decades of experience in all types of technologies. Our philosophy is that anything can be done with technology, it’s just a matter of time and money. We have decades of experience in Word press , and our Engineers, designers and developers come from different backgrounds and different experience levels, much like any professional practice. We have packages that will enable you to immediately get support, or we can assign a dedicated project manager, who can meet your individual or business requirements. You’ll be surprised how easily we can fix, update, secure or develop in Word press, taking over, were someone else’s left off.
We manage all of your requirements, through a project management system, which allows you to add tasks, requirements, make comments, see progress, update, and mark completed.
We want to be the best WordPress support, you’ll ever need. And we backed up by her money back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, will gladly refund for any services product within the current period.

  • Fixes

    • Graphics
    • Optins
    • Chats
    • Content

  • Updates

    • Plugins
    • Ecommerce
    • Pages
    • Custom Graphics

  • Development

    • Add Chats
    • Data Integration
    • Responsive
    • Mobile

  • Maintenance

    • Update WP Versions
    • Broken Links
    • Broken Code
    • Remove Google Penalties


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WordPress Support Geeks will fix, secure and maintain your website. You probably chose WordPress platform because your web developer recommended it. It is a good choice for an amazing amount of reasons.

  1. A fantastic content management system enabling you to add and manage webpages and content.
  2. Plug-ins and widgets that enable design and functionality free or purchased plug-ins and widgets.
  3. Security, one of the most daunting factors for any website owner.

Because 23% of all websites are WordPress, it is a hacker’s target. but on the flipside, the WordPress organization, is always releasing new versions, to combat malicious malware. We take security so seriously, we have a ‘brother site’ Wp Security Geeks, dedicated to security.

Unless your a seasoned WordPress developer, will never realize how good coding and websitee security are integrated. and probably even more surprising to a business owner, is that on-page SEO is a part of security, updating and maintenance.read more…

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I had a Google attack page on my website and panicked. I found these guys. Within a day, they got my website up and running and I have been doing the pro maintenance. Interesting, my website ranking went. I'm very happy with this services.

Ronnie Weldon   
WordPress is about 11 years old and dominates the CMS (Content Management System) market.
98 Versions of WordPress to Date.
The main company behind WordPress is Automatic who distributes the open source software.
There are thousands of WordPress contributors and volunteers to building the software and making it better, fixing patches, perform bug fixing and suggest new features.
Over 20% of all websites are WordPress=75 Million WordPress Websites
There are around 30,000 WordPress Plugins and Growing everyday.
Notable companies using WordPress are: Best Buy, Fortune, The New York Times Company, Google Ventures, Harvard Business Review Blogs and The Wall Street Journal Law Blog.